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Rural Land Maintenance

Your requirements, schedules and vision... Our knowledge, experience and service.

Whether you need a single, one time operation or a contract partner to deliver an extensive long term solution, Field have you covered.
With our wide capability and range of resources, Field are able cater for every sized landowner, from 1 to 1000 hectares. 

From establishing new grassland with a specific dietary requirement for our equine customers, to game plot establishment and maintenance, our highly experienced and fully insured team will always ensure that each and every task is consistently delivered to the highest and most professional standard.

Years of experience of working with landowners, agents and managers, have built our extensive knowledge and skills in this sector.  Field are experts in the planning, design, implementation, delivery and maintenance of an extensive menu of rural land based projects satisfying both the needs of the client and often the conditions of any respective grants.


Our services to rural clients typically comprise of: 

  • Vegetation management 

  • Reseeding & Over seeding 

  • Fertiliser application

  • Utilities installation

       & residential fencing

  • Contract mowing

  • Land management and enhancement 

       for sporting interests

  • Paddock maintenance & associated fieldwork 

  • Woodland creation & hedge planting 

  • Hedge cutting & hedge reductions

  • Watercourse management 

  • ​Weed control

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