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Agricultural Land Maintenance 

Using state of the art technology and methodology, we can ensure your plant protection products and nutrients can be delivered exactly and only where they're needed.

With soil being a finite resource, it's crucial that the health of your soil is managed effectively to balance output with sustainability and the responsibility we hold for future generations.
Employing the very best of low impact precision application equipment, we can ensure that both macro and micro nutrients, along with plant protection products, are delivered directly and only to where they are needed on your land - minimising your costs, restoring and maintaining soil health, maximising yields and protecting the environment.
From soil sampling programmes to application, Field are able to deliver cost effective nutrient management plans tailored to meet the very specific and individual needs of your land and your business. 


Our services to agricultural clients typically comprise of: 

  • Chemical application

  • Scrub clearance

  • Environmental asset management and maintenance ​

  • Woodland creation and hedge planting 

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