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A Field solution for every space.

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Land Maintenance Contractors

Supporting rural and commercial land owners, managers and agents, across the UK.

As one of the UK's leading countryside contractors, Field prides itself on delivering a consistent quality of work across a broad array of land maintenance services to private, commercial and public sector clients.

With clients ranging from leading equestrian yards to national commercial enterprises, our staff are able to facilitate any type of work from fence erection, spraying, estate maintenance and contract mowing to full-scale infrastructure projects using state of the art equipment and practices.

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Specialist Vegetation Management

Specialist machinery and fully trained operatives for site clearances, access facilitation and maintenance.

Working closely with land agents, rural estates and forestry managers over the years, Field have equipped themselves with specialist machinery of all sizes and capabilities to carry out specialist mulching, forestry works and site clearances across a range of sectors.

Regardless of topography, access and scope, we have the capability to tackle a range of small to large scale operations. 

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Environmental Land Management 

Working closely with our links in the environmental sector, Field have been responsible for the creation of wildflower meadows, woodland and habitat restoration sites across the UK. 

With Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG) at the forefront of new developments within the commercial and environmental sectors, Field are able to work closely with developers, ecologists and land owners to implement economically and environmentally sustainable projects around the country.


With our range of equipment, knowledge and experience we are able to facilitate a range of environmental services including ecological fencing for newts, badgers, reptiles, snakes and water voles along with the associated habitat creation.

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